Wooden Frames Versus Aluminum Frames For Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreens can be found usually made from wooden or aluminum – how you can chose? and whats the main difference?

For novices, hobbyists and doing simple prints, the wooden frames are perfect, mainly because of their affordable cost. Any wooden silkscreens I’ve purchased haven’t cost any longer than £20.00, and also have done a fantastic job.

Problems however can happen with wooden frames whenever they can warp because of regular dipping inside a water tank or wash out sink when removing either ink, emulsion or both. I’ve discovered the wood can take time to dry. There’s even the problem because of ongoing utilisation of the screen the mesh fabric becoming worn lower and loosening on in the frame, resulting in the frame to not register as good as previously when newer. This will make the screens unusable for multicoloured prints because the tighter the screen mesh the greater the screen will register or fall into line for multicolour prints.

If you prefer a more durable frame, should you be seriously interested in printing, or else you have found that the wooden ones because of ongoing dipping in water have become warped then aluminum might be what you want. These may become more costly, but they’ll not warp and may also be extended and re-extended many occasions. The mesh and glue are merely taken off the frame utilizing a professional tool that does not inflict harm to the aluminum. Once cleaned, the frames may then be re-extended which provides you with the opportunity to make use of the same frame for any very lengthy time. Aluminum frames will also be lightweight that have an added bonus to be simple to handle and shipping when choosing is rather cheap.

So if you’re just beginning off, then consider using a wooden frame and do not invest an excessive amount of cash, when you get the silk screening bug, (which many individuals appear to) then purchase some good quality aluminum silk screens, they’ll last years and then provide you with great outcomes even if you progress to more complicated multicoloured designs and prints.

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