What You Need to Know About Sanitary Pumps

Today, more than ever, drug, food and beverage industries provide the best products to consumers. Consumers need not worry about the sanitary grade and quality. The innovations of today make this possible. Sanitary pump promotes work efficiency. It allows you get the work done at lower costs and fewer risks. Most manufacturers use sanitary pumps in their processes.

What are sanitary pumps?

A sanitary pump is a machine that uses movement as its source of energy. This energy makes it possible for the machine to transfer liquids from one area to another. This machine can also adjust the flow of the liquid at a desired pace and force of output. It can handle liquids at different consistency levels. May it be thick, sticky or fluids with suspended solids.

Sanitary pumps are popular among processing industries. This machine ensures that cleanliness in the handling and transfer of drug, food, dairy and beverage. As their name suggests, sanitary pumps are composed of parts that are contamination free. Each of these components can be cleaned easily for hygienic measures.

Four types of sanitary pumps

Most manufacturers offer four basic types of sanitary pumps. Each type offers a distinct feature for a specific use. It is important that you know each to pick the proper sanitary pump.


This sanitary pump moves in center to outside fashion. This force creates fast movement. The action of the liquid as it enters in the non-moving center (eye) and ejected at the rotating outer part (impeller) further increase the velocity. This force pushes the liquids out. These are the most commonly used sanitary pumps in the market.


This sanitary pump has a nozzle where the fluid is pumped. The force generated transforms into moving energy that helps fluid flow.

Positive displacement

This sanitary operates through creating a vacuum. This uses rotating parts with gears and rollers in addition to deposit fluid in a closed cavity. This action pulls more liquid flow.


This sanitary pump puts in the air into the liquid to aerate it. This decreases the weight allowing it to rise and discharge.

Whatever need you have in your processing area; there is a specific sanitary pump for it. This machine can simplify things for you. You will be given more time to care for the more important things.

Purchase a suitable sanitary pump for your needs. There can be no better way to upgrade the current system you are using. Avoid worries. Trust Flowtrend to provide you with only the best sanitary pumps.