Three Reasons to Consider Permeable Pavers for Commercial Paving

For any business, it is important to give customers convenient and accessible parking. However, constructing a new parking lot takes a lot of money, especially in terms of having a proper drainage system and maintaining the space for the long term.

Installing conventional paving materials such as asphalt and concrete can be expensive and requires lots of maintenance. But modern materials like permeable pavers tend to cost less than concrete and while the cost competes with the cost of asphalts, they don’t require long-term maintenance and expensive drainage systems. Here’s why you should use permeable pavers for commercial paving.

The Materials Don’t Cost a Fortune

Permeable pavers make use of a mix of interlocking grids laid over a subsurface and a fill material like crushed limestone or gravel. The compaction of the fill material into the grids makes a strong and durable parking surface that doesn’t require regular maintenance.

Your business will be able to save on the material cost in terms of the grids and fill material. In addition, the fill material can be bought locally so shipping cost will not be an issue. But with asphalt and concrete, you will need to spend money to transport them to the site.

Labor Costs are Manageable

The installation of an asphalt parking surface, you have to hire a number of people to operate the paving equipment, transport the materials and complete the paving the job. And you can expect the same scenario when you choose a concrete surface. For either case, you need to hire experienced and knowledgeable people to ensure the proper completion of the job. And because installation of these pavers takes time, the job will incur a high labor cost.

But installing permeable pavers is quite easy and quick. It involves the creation of a subsurface from compacted limestone or rock and the paving grids can be laid over the surface. The grids are quite lightweight and can cover a big area. The next step is to spread, install and compact the fill material with heavy equipment. A job that requires fewer skilled laborers will lead to a reduced labor cost.

Equipment is Affordable

When a paving project requires the use of specialized equipment like concrete trucks or paving machines, you can expect the job’s price to increase. You may have to spend hundreds of dollars per hour on this equipment that can add up quickly. And this expenditure is a guaranteed when you install asphalt or concrete paving. But with permeable pavers, the same loaders and dump trucks which installed the subsurface can be utilized for acquiring and installing the fill materials.