Rising Popularity of Smaller Companies in Energy Market

The mains-supplied natural gas has been popular with the UK domestic and commercial sector. Nearly 80% of the domestic and commercial sector has been using natural gas in UK. However, the major suppliers of natural gas have been six companies forming the Big Six. The Big Six would comprise Scottish Power, British Gas, SSE, EON, Npower and EDF.

Energy market changed drastically during 2017

It would be pertinent to mention here that energy market changed drastically in 2017. A vast number of customers, nearly 163,000 left the Big Six and joined other available smaller companies. However, Big Six had increased its electricity prices by 12.5%, which helped British Gas along with its competitors to maintain healthy profit margins, despite Big Six losing customers in the initial quarter of 2017. It would be pertinent to mention here that Big Six lost nearly 1.1 million customers in the early quarter of the year 2017.

Rise of smaller companies in the market

Big Six lost a huge number of customers during 2017. However, if it loses customers in 2018, several smaller companies would start to surface in the energy market. Among the popular smaller companies, Flogas Britain has become largely popular with the people. Several people have started to switch to the company for its wide benefits. The company would offer customers with 30 years of experience, off-grid energy solutions and gas mains for businesses.

What would future offer in energy market

With a world of influencing aspects at work, it would be difficult to predict what the future has to offer to the customers in the energy market. You would come across two important things. Foremost, the consumers would start to realize their options are not limited to Big Six. Secondly, the smaller suppliers have been known to attract towards alternate offerings largely.