Keeping Your Customer Service Team Motivated

Putting together a plan of action to keep your business growing and to aim for success must always include how to keep your employees happy and motivated to succeed. If you can keep your staff morale at a consistently high level this will transmit to potential customers and make it much more likely that you can turn potential customers into customers, and one-off customers into lifelong loyal customers. There are a few ways in which you can achieve this, including the training of your core customer service team in how to survey customers and to effectively analyse lost sales data.

Battling with your competitors over the long-term loyalty of a customer often comes down to very fine margins. If your product is as good as it can be and the pricing on point, most customers will go with their gut instinct and choose to show their loyalty by purchasing from the company that feels right and has showed them that they really care. Putting in that little bit of extra effort to build an honest relationship with a customer can make a real difference to your profits if you extrapolate it across your entire customer base.

There are three things that you can easily put in place within your business to keep your staff happy, and in turn provide them with the platform from which they can build a healthy and honest relationship with your clients.

Appreciate Your Staff – The first thing to consider is how it feels when you are appreciated. In any walk of life you want to hear good things said about you. Most people will tell you that they work harder when their boss has shown some appreciation for their work. It has been proven time and again that gratitude and appreciation are motivating factors when it comes to the workplace. If you know that a good job will lead to a positive response from your superior, why wouldn’t you want to work harder to ensure that is the outcome. No one likes silence, or even worse, a negative response.

A Friendly Competitive Spirit – Competition in its ugliest form promotes a cracked team framework. When it is delivered in a friendly way it can promote teamwork, bonding and motivate your employees to push themselves further. Set goals and targets can often be counterproductive as they put pressure on everyone involved. If you set up some friendly rivalry between teams they’ll want to be the winner, it’s human nature, forcing productivity and stats up without fearing about figures demanded from management.

Spend Time at the Coalface – In order to improve standards and processes that will assist your customer service staff you truly have to understand those processes yourself. Spend some time speaking to customers and your employees. See what makes them tick, which processes seem to work the best and most of all earn the respect that will endear you to your employees and make them want to work even harder for you.

Your customer service team are facing the customers every single day and without them your company will stagnate and collapse. Learn to love and motivate them to work harder and the company will reap the long-term rewards.