Cover and Protect Your Roof from Leakage Before Rain Sets In

We love it when those tiny drops of rain fall on our lawn and gives moist fragrance. Although, it brings excitement, we also worry about water seepage. The primary function before rainy season starts is to check and maintain your house.

Generally, we give proper attention to doors and windows so that during thunderstorm water does not enter our house. Out of all improvements, the most important thing to be checked is your rooftop. Your roof needs regular inspection and maintenance just like your car.

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There are few easy ways through which you can find out that the roof is well equipped to handle tough rain this season. If not then you can always get back to your service management.

  • Check for any cracks in the roof. The tiles should also be checked to find if they are missing or cracked.
  • Make sure your gutter is clean. Generally, wind stones, twigs or dry leaves tend to settle down in the path. This overflows water thereby damaging your ceiling.
  • You need to make sure that the roof is clean. Flat roofs generally have lots of debris collected and when rain gushes in they tend to block drain’s path. This accumulates water on the roof.
  • Check if flashings and pipes are in place. You also need to check any dampness or sealants near flashings. With changing climate pipes contract and expand leaving gaps between flashes thus, creating a proper opening for seepage.
  • If you have underground drain, ensure they are clean and flowing well. In case these lines are blocked they push water back to the roof.

  • Make sure all the vents are properly closed so that no water enters inside. Replacing a damaged vent will not cost much, but ignoring it will increase your future expenses.

Staying alert is the best way to keep your roof safe before the rainy season. These things are not visible from the ground. You need to climb on the roof to check all damages. Hence, it is always safe to get any professional or experts who knows the right way of rectifying things. It is seen that for good waterproofing only 1 % or 2% of complete cost of construction is involved, but it saves 80% of your cost for renovation.