A reading guide: for tech entrepreneurs starting out   

If you’ve launched your company in the last few months, chances are you’re searching for as much help as possible to ensure your business takes the right steps to success. Knowledge is power in business, and in the rapidly evolving sector of technology, staying ahead is critical.

But how do you ensure your prepared with enough expertise and knowledge to make sure that your business grows and develops as it should? From how to create the optimum working environment for creative minds, to the world’s next consumer-changing trends, there’s a lot you don’t know yet about entrepreneurship and the tech industry that you can discover in this reading list…

Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg: How Google Works

Written by top Google executives, How Google Works offers its readers an insightful account of Google’s incredible corporate philosophy, processes and culture.

World famous for its innovative and creative approach to the world of digital. Discover how it bounced back from some unsuccessful moves and evolved into the company we respect today with How Google Works.

Alec Ross: The Industries of the Future

In the tech sector, it’s paramount that you are always looking ahead and moving forward. A New York Times bestseller, Ross delivers an extensive insight into your industry’s most important advances, from cybersecurity and robotics to genomics and big data, using input from global leaders.

The author’s insight into this world is learned for a good reason — he had the role of senior advisor for innovation when Hilary Clinton was Secretary of State. His extensive travel has given him access to the some of the most powerful people in business, and his book is packed with astute observations regarding opportunities for growth and the unknown tech forces that are changing — or will change — the world.

Evan Carmichael: Your One Word

A highly commended source of inspiration when you’re feeling anxious or unsure about your business. Evan Carmichael, who wrote Your One Word, launched and sold his biotech company at just 19 years old — so, his book is perfect if you want the same rapid success.

As every business owner knows, Goals and strategies can mean the difference between failure and success — and that is what this book is about. If you need a boost of confidence and an injection of motivation to start making your tech-business dreams come true, immerse yourself in the powerful words of Carmichael.

Eric Ries: The Lean Start-Up

When you’re breaking out into the unknown and tackling a new venture, it’s always best to have an arsenal of knowledge to help guide you — which is where The Lean Start-Up by Eric Ries comes in. This book looks at how new companies can launch, adapt and grow within an industry that has fierce competition. Offering real examples of setting up a new business, you get a great insight into how to make a success of your business and avoid the typical pitfalls.

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